if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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theatre challenge: [1/10] performers

ben fankhauser

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New favourite tweet

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Totally intrigued by Dallas Theater Center’s summer production of Les Miserables directed by Liesl Tommy.   The story is reset in modern day with an awesome racebent cast.

Check out the highlights video here!


Look at me, I’m the king of Chicago! The @newsies marquee is up at the Oriental Theatre! #newsies #chicago #broadway (at Oriental Theatre)

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Currently Running Broadway Musicals

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This is the final scene and song from the final Newsies performance on 8/24/14. If you really wanna cry, watch how they boys hug each other when they’re in line for the papes. Oh, and the swings are on stage at this time. Have fun with your tears, newsies forever

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Santa Fe (mix) - Jeremy Jordan, Corey Cott & Mike Faist


Santa Fe (a mix: featuring Jeremy Jordan, Corey Cott & Mike Faist)

I traded off clips of each of the three Jack Kelly’s I’ve seen perform this song, making one superstar rendition of Santa Fe. 


Once and For All from the final performance of Newsies on 8/24/14. I didn’t plan on recording this song, but halfway through decided that it was so amazing that I just had to. You’ll notice that it gets really shaky and weird for a moment. That’s when we all gave a standing ovation in the middle of the song. Sorry for the screaming!

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Seize the Day from the closing performance of Newsies on 8/24/14. Same disclaimer applies here! The standing ovation after this song lasted for a good 2 minutes, it was actually incredible

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#ALSIceBucketChallenge from George Blagden on Vimeo.

George Blagden - #ALSIceBucketChallenge

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George Blagden doing the ALS ice bucket challenge (x)

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bring newsies back its been off broadway for too long

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