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Pixar’s 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling (click in the pictures to zoom)

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Newsies Alternative Song TitlesSanta Fe (Prologue): Watch Me Stand, Watch Me Run ft. Jack
Carrying the Banner: It Takes a Smile that Spreads Like Butter
The World Will Know: And the Things We Do Today Will Be Tomorrow's News
Seize the Day: You See This Mister Pulitzer!?!
Santa Fe: Where is Crutchie?
Letter From the Refuge: THERE HE IS

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the thrilling saga

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Happy Birthday Aaron Tveit!

Next to Normal and Catch Me If You Can star Aaron Tveit was born on October 21. Check out photos, videos and more at PlaybillVault.com.

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Watch What Happens (Reprise) - Newsies Cast


wait guys I just realized that the 8.23.14 pm show is really important too because that was LUCA’s last show!

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if you are ASEXUAL, you do not experience SEXUAL ATTRACTION.

if you are AROMANTIC, you do not experience ROMANTIC ATTRACTION.


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if you don’t respect platonic love as equal to romantic love a million turtles will break into your house tonight and steal all your electronics

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I have a tiny obsession with Victor Hugo’s handwriting right now. I found all of Les Amis in the original manuscript and (in some cases - I’m looking at you Bossuet and Feuilly) made them legible enough to fit into a set. 

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If you’re sad cos you sometimes feel like you’re only a minor character in other people’s stories, this is a reminder that Grantaire only appears in roughly 20 out of 1230 pages of Les Miserables and he has a street, a green, and a software company named after him

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It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes!

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I gotta be either dead or dreamin’ cause look at that pape with my face beamin’. Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but i was a star for one whole minute!

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hey you

yes you

is today your first day of school? tomorrow? or maybe it’s your 50th day of school?

either way

youre looking great

you are going to rock this

i believe in you

youre gonna knock em out of the park, champ

best wishes, 


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willemijn verkaik & chantal janzen - wicked nl

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