phan-sandwich replied to your post “fun facT: if you pronounce any word weird and jessi hears you she will…”

hungle i follow u i c this stuff ure shady as fRACk y u just goin round makin posts about me wow no chill

i know you follow me u lo mein

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my favourite little musical theater things- ryan steele’s pirouette at the end of seize the day 

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fun facT: if you pronounce any word weird and jessi hears you she will never let you forget 

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is it true you were her friend?

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Because the Violet cast deserves a photoset (2/?)

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laura osnes + colors

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"Twice in one day, huh? I believe that’s fate."

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A La Volonté Du Peuple - Various


this is the very original version of what would become do you hear the people sing from the french concept album of les mis from 1980, 5 years before it would make its debut in london


Best of: Ask Medda

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i’m 600% done with this child

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Laura Osnes returns to 54 Below with a brand new show: “The Paths Not Taken”

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